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Furniture and Design Inspiration in LA - Part Two

Oh yes, there's more! Pop over to part one if this is the first you're hearing of our LA Inspiration trip - 8 stops, 3 objektarians, 4 guests, 3 whirlwind days in Los Angeles.

Block Shop: A Burst of Color and Pattern

Block Shop provides a reconnection for designers with the tactile and creative process of developing a textile. The unexpected combinations of pattern, color, and texture instantly grabbed our attention, and the company history and community-orientation shared with us by co-founder Hopie Stockman captivated our team.

Sossego: "We all want to live here."

Sossego's newest flagship does not disappoint. The residential feel offers a moment of tranquility right off the city street. While the architecture invites guests to effortlessly move between indoor and outdoor spaces, the furniture is an invitation to linger.

Denvir Enterprises: Fun and Casual Exploration

We're always drawn to places we'd describe as "effortless," and that was our experience with the Denvir Enterprises space and team. This maker's space showcases brands like RAD, Gantri, Ege by Talk Carpets, Baux, and Work in Progess just to name a few. And we'll never not sit test a swing.

Stellar Works: Unique Furniture Details

Combining the materiality of wood, metal, and upholstery sets some of our favorite Stellar Works pieces apart. Mix in their bespoke capabilities, and we're always eager to see what's next.

We're already looking forward to our next trip!


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