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Interactive Artwork in Award-Winning Multi-Use Development

2022 NAIOP Mixed-Use Development of the Year Award Winner | Design by GGLO | Developed by Main Street Property Group

The furniture and décor of District Flats invites you to interact. As you move through the amenity spaces, there are many options to leave your mark and make yourself at home.

Blank paper is waiting next to the working typewriter in the elevator bay. What would you be inspired to leave behind? A line of poetry, a note for your neighbor, or maybe your grocery list on your way out the door?

Before you sit down for a game of poker, scan the barcode next to the album artwork for a curated playlist. Which album cover jumps out first?

The custom chess table is on casters so you can roll it over to your favorite chair before settling into a match.

Did you notice the custom mural in the image above? There's much more to tell about this detail-rich project! Stay tuned.


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