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Art Procurement Part Three - Mythical, Colorful Creatures

We recently had the privilege of touring three Seattle artists' studios while hearing how they formed their distinctive practices. Find part one here and part two here.

Stevie Shao standing in her home surrounded by art and materials


Stevie Shao worked in the world of interior design up until the pandemic. In a silver-lining move, she launched herself into a full-time career as an artist using boarded up buildings as an opportunity for public art. Her murals provided bursts of color and hope after the shutdown. In one memorable experience last year, Stevie participated in a mural festival where artists worked together, "thinking about [art] all day, talking about it, living it."


Stevie has the ability to take fairly ordinary materials (wood, jigsaw, paint) and form mystical creatures who energize whatever they touch. She works out of her home and was operating her jigsaw inside on her desk up until a corner got sliced off - her work area now extends to her outdoor patio. Color is always the first place Stevie starts - testing ideas on her ipad, adjusting to get contrast just right, and more often than not incorporating a bright red or orange.

Wood cutout of a horse painted bright red

  • Stevie has been drawing since she can remember with an early commitment to horses and princess dresses. She has been combining animal features into new creations since elementary school.

  • Inspiration comes from her Chinese culture and her proximity to nature through her Ballard upbringing.

  • Stevie is always dreaming up the next large-scale install and product application. Maybe a rug design next?

Find more from Stevie Shao here.


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