16 years ago, Doug McKenzie discovered an industry opportunity.   Instead of being limited to brand specific products his clients wanted eclectic, design-forward options that would help to enhance and differentiate their projects. Today objekts has grown into the leading brand-agnostic furniture procurement company in the Pacific Northwest serving a variety of industries and clients.



At objekts, we love the creative process and encourage the sharing of ideas among employees and clients. While we are known for working hard and being resourceful,  we are also notorious for our studio events complete with great food, music and of course the inevitable late night dance party.



We are professionals with deep design industry experience. To say we are passionate about hard work, great design and client service is an understatement—it’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going all day.   


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LAURA GREENAMYER  -  Project Manager 

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DRIZZLE BANAS  -  Project Coordinator

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JOY LYNCH  -  Project Coordinator

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JANINE CARTER  -  Project Manager 

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JULIE GUNTER  -  Project Manager 

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RACHEL WIANECKI -  Project Coordinator

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KARIN SALVATIERRA  -  Interior Designer

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AMY TRULSON  -  Project Manager 

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SERENA RODRIGUEZ - Field Project Manager

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JONATHAN FORSTIE  -  Project Coordinator

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MIRANDA LOPEZ  -  Controller

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SUSANNE WALTER  -  Design Manager

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ELIZA PETERSON - Ancillary Furniture Specialist