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Custom - Bentwood Bench Sculptures

When you start with a lobby that feels like an exclusive museum, it's important to bring in furniture that will enhance rather than detract from the experience of the space.

Custom furniture art benches install procurement

Project Manager, Julie Gunter and the design team at ZGF Architects commissioned sculptor Matthias Pliessnig to do just that. Each custom, sculpted bench was created in his 3rd-story studio. You can imagine the heart palpitations while lowering these out the window to the street to begin the delivery process.

As with any custom furniture installation, there were many moving pieces to track in order to bring design intent to reality. Through design concept, shop drawings, approvals, manufacturing, install, and punch objekts worked to anticipate and avoid pitfalls while keeping all stakeholders' expectations calibrated. The result is a beautiful atrium with artistic, inspiring seating.

custom furniture art procurement installation

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