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Columbus CREW 8280 B Low Res1.jpg

Columbus Crew Stadium

As the first club in Major League Soccer, Columbus Crew's new stadium is history in the making. We worked with incredible fabricators local to Columbus, Ohio to fill floors of club lounges, suites, and the pub with custom furniture. Our team flew out to Ohio and communicated closely with each custom specialist to ensure every detail was captured according to BLUR Workshop's design intent.

Design by BLUR Workshop . Photography by Galina Juliana

Columbus CREW 15 Low Res21.jpg
Columbus CREW 07 Low Res14.jpg
Columbus CREW  1748 Low Res2.jpg
Columbus CREW 39 Low Res5.jpg
Columbus CREW 52 Low Res20.jpg
Columbus CREW 24 Low Res17.jpg
Columbus CREW 2526 Low Res23.jpg
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