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objekts Studio

Welcome to our home. Visitors are immediately greeted by a full bar - the first clue this isn't your average showroom. We work in a space that doubles as one of the hottest party venues in town.

As a team we selected all of our furniture, artwork, accessories, and plants. In order to collect just the right found objects, we went to local vintage shops, gathered 25 lineal feet of books, selected our favorite records, and collected art from a local graffiti artist and the Seattle Art Museum. Come visit!

Design by SkB Architects . Photography by Nicholas Worley

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SkB - Objekts-1 © Nicholas Worley.jpg
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Welcome to the Speakeasy.

The Speakeasy is our unique meeting place. It feels old and modern at once - like it has a history to share. We scoured the earth to curate a range of accessories that make us feel right at home here. Shelves provide an opportunity to tell a story, and we take full advantage.

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