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Alderbrook Resort: Custom Furniture + Design Vision

Custom pieces built by a variety of fabricators are sprinkled throughout Alderbrook Resort. Part of objekts' role during this project was matching specifications with the best fabricator for the design vision and seeing each piece through to realization.

This partially built-in bench near the restaurant host station brings a modern feel with a smaller footprint than a traditional sofa.

For the long communal table located in the center of the lobby, the client and designers wanted a statement piece that spoke to the overall vision for the resort. The above quote, hand-scribed into the wood with a burning iron, brings a personal touch into the room that is also visible from the mezzanine above.

The unique leather finish for the host station brings warmth and sophistication to the restaurant's first impression. Coordinating finishes with the lobby reception desks brings continuity to the resort's renovated spaces.

Additional custom furniture pieces at Alderbrook Resort include lounge chairs, dining chairs, sofas, and stools. We've always got the right contact ready to tap in to make sure everything comes together.

Design by SkB Architects | Photography by Hannah Rankin |

Fabrication by Interior Environments, Northwest Building Tech Inc., QA Upholstery, and Villa Hallmark


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