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Biophilic Design from Theory to Reality

We've all had our eye on biophilic design for awhile now, but what does it take to give a 100,000 square foot lobby reposition a luscious forest feel? Our recent work on U.S. Bank Center in downtown Seattle can shed some light on the process.

Ordering with End Use in Mind

With vision cast by SkB Architects, our team procured over 100 handcrafted Atelier Verkant clay planters. We consulted with plant design experts at Glasswing Studio early in the project to ensure each planter was prepped for either indoor or outdoor use (think drainage holes and sealants to prevent condensation).

Oversized outdoor planters and woman walking

Planning, Organization, and More Planning

No one wants to move a 300 pound pot more than absolutely necessary. Planters arrived on 42 pallets beautifully packaged for safe transport and in need of sorting, tagging, and staging to avoid being misplaced.

Lift with the Knees

Only joking. To get a few of these 300 pound planters up 3 feet onto their pedestals without damaging any of the stained wood or brushed metal railing, we coordinated with our install team, property management team, and the general contractor. We used a pump jack to raise the planters, a custom pallet to extend the planter over the pedestal, and material handling straps for lowering. It was also essential for us to place the planters on risers to allow for proper airflow.


Thanks to teams of experts, there are now over 100 planters filled with greenery throughout U.S. Bank Center.

Large clay planter on raised platform with tree inside building lobby


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