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2023-0210 WLUC - Rankin-16.jpg

West Lake Union Center

The soaring ceilings at West Lake Union Center were the perfect invitation for indoor trees. And these gorgeous faux trees required equally gorgeous, custom banquettes and oversized planters.

Design by SkB Architects . Photography by Hannah Rankin + Lindsay Hale

WLUC Details LH-7.jpg
WLUC Details LH-3.jpg
WLUC Details LH-8.jpg
2023-0210 WLUC - Rankin-30.jpg
2023-0210 WLUC - Rankin-43.jpg
2023-0210 WLUC - Rankin-11.jpg
2023-0210 WLUC - Rankin-38.jpg
2023-0210 WLUC - Rankin-22.jpg
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