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objekts worked on procurement and installation of furniture for the 45,000 square foot atrium, lounge spaces, cafes, conference and training rooms, the executive floor, and outdoor spaces. Extensive custom selections show off AvroKO's precision of design and include the custom banquettes positioned throughout the atrium. The consistent wood and metal finishes ensure cohesion across the thirty custom pieces while variation in details like configuration, arm rests, and fabric selection create distinct groupings. The logistics of installing this volume of custom banquettes meant measuring approximately 600 times, communicating between stakeholders with the skill of a marriage therapist, and creating intricate tape templates on the floor so each piece was perfectly placed according to the designers' vision.

Design by AvroKO . Photography by Lindsay Hale

objekts_Expedia_LH-54 lr.jpg

Let's talk about these books.

These books arrived on five pallets and were carefully grouped and positioned with plants and objects over a 3-day period for a balanced visual landscape.

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