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(c) Kevin Scott - Mithun Office7481.jpg

Pier 56

Pier 56 offers a unique workplace, and Mithun perfectly plays up all its strengths. In this refresh, the goal was a variety of collaboration work zones while highlighting the original, exposed ceilings and opening up as much space to natural light as possible. objekts worked with the design team to develop solutions like mobile model tables, mobile finish racks, and custom library furniture that allowed easy access and organization along with a clean visual.


To support Mithun’s Living Building Challenge target and Fitwel certification, objekts worked with the design team on a rigorous furniture sustainability audit. Desired furniture qualifications included local manufacturing, recycled materials, and diversity in ownership. 

Design by Mithun . Photography by Kevin Scott 

Mithun Office LH-26.jpg
(c) Kevin Scott - Mithun Office7879.jpg
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