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Custom Furniture - It's All in the Details

Sometimes we're working with an idea scratched out on the back of a napkin. Sometimes we're working with a manufacturer to tweak their existing design. Wherever your design vision lands on the continuum - quick ship all the way to completely custom - we're ready to dig into the details that move vision into reality.

Mason + Main is a multifamily project that required furniture and accessories to complement large, colorful pieces of art. One way the Ankrom Moisan design team pulled color throughout the space was by customizing styles from Kush Rugs. The process started with digital imagery, moved to pom color selection, went through approval, production, shipping, and install. Each step in the process was an opportunity for the objekts team to ensure this one piece of the puzzle is staying true to the overall design vision, the budget, and the schedule.

Design by Ankrom Moisan, Fabrication by Kush Rugs, Photos by Kush Rugs, Moris Moreno, and Lindsay Hale

The details on this custom bench for Ovation included working through the seat height considering compression over time, how cushions would be attached, and a cushion mock-up to ensure radiused corners, piping and relaxed feel worked together in the final design.

Design by Gensler, Fabrication by Level4, Photo by Heywood Chan

Take a peek at the table below. Did you notice the base? It might not have caught your eye immediately, but subtle details can pack a punch.

Design by Olson Kundig, Fabrication by 12th Avenue Iron, Photo by Lindsay Hale

This design for a mobile table offers functionality with elevated and unique detail. And with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto a semi-covered courtyard, this design detail peeks out from every angle. See more of this public lobby here.

Photo by Aaron Leitz


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