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Furniture and Design Inspiration in LA - Part One

This month a team from objekts and several guests made our way to Los Angeles to soak up sunshine and interior design inspiration. With 8 stops at a mix of furniture manufacturers, textile manufacturers, curated collections, and showrooms, we walked away buzzing with ideas for upcoming projects.

Bzippy: Ceramic Artists at Work

In the Bzippy studio, we got a front-row seat to the art and science of creating ceramic, sculptural furniture. Bari and Nataliya walked us through the design process, palette selection, and in-house production. We held our breath while two team members flipped and assembled two sculpted pieces of a side table - for them an uneventful part of the workday.

The Future Perfect: The Goldwyn House

Mix the exclusivity of an art show with the curation of a museum and the hands-on experience of a showroom, and you'll be in the Goldwyn House. Every detail our tour guide and artist, Alejandro Bataille, shared was immaculate, but we'll never stop thinking about the swans.

Andreu World: New LA Showroom

We had the privilege of touring through Andreu World's LA Showroom in its inaugural year with Esther DuGraf. She guided us through a sit-test marathon of the colorful, modern, and sustainably-focused pieces. (Psst - have you heard of Andreu World's new B Corp certification? Amazing!)

Vitra: Coworking Space

As our most workplace-focused stop, Vitra showcased how to combine warmth and comfort with productivity and functionality. Plants, soft-seating, and thoughtful color-pops go a long way. An eye-catching bar cart is always a plus.

Part two of this 3-day trip is here!


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